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Stephanie Rath, L.Ac.

​Each appointment will be unique and based on how you present the day of your appointment.  I will look at the whole person, on all levels - body, mind and spirit.  This means seeing beyond the symptoms and getting to the root of the imbalances or "dis-ease".  Equipped with the knowledge of many complementary modalities, I work with each individual to re-connect them to the inherent wisdom of their body.  I follow your body's signals, and in it's wisdom, facilitate it's healing balance.

​​SomatoEmotional Release®

     SomatoEmotional Release® is an elegant way of working with the body-mind to help release emotional issues or memories within its tissues (or ‘somata’ - Greek for body).  Chronic illness as well as less obvious, sub-clinical patterns like low immunity, lack of energy, chronic pain and anxiety often times can not fully resolve until an emotional component is acknowledged and released.  

    Most healthcare approaches separate mind and body – you can have either physical therapy or psychotherapy. What SomatoEmotional Release® provides is a framework and toolkit for working with the body tissues (‘somata’) at the same time as with the emotions, to work towards a ‘release’ of any retained trauma. This can occur in a myriad of ways and is frequently gentle and creative as we listen to and learn from both mind and body. SER® facilitates personal growth, helps us move from illness, unresolved issues and lack of potential, towards health and fulfilment and is an ingenious tool for sorting out our lives and redesigning our futures. SomatoEmotional Release along with the tools of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) combine all aspects of human nature - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - into one approach that can facilitate tremendous change and growth in a person's life.