​Each appointment will be unique and based on how you present the day of your appointment.  I will look at the whole person, on all levels - body, mind and spirit.  This means seeing beyond the symptoms and getting to the root of the imbalances or "dis-ease".  Equipped with the knowledge of many complementary modalities, I work with each individual to re-connect them to the inherent wisdom of their body.  I follow your body's signals, and in it's wisdom, facilitate it's healing balance.

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Stephanie Rath, L.Ac.

    Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a masterful dialoguing technique guided by the wisdom of the Heart.  The Heart inherently knows how to heal the body and its relationship to the world.  Our beliefs or "stories" that limit us or hold us in pain are resolved with love, forgiveness and new insight.  HCT provides deep emotional healing by allowing us to get to the core of the issue without re-experiencing the trauma. This gentle and respectful process addresses current issues as well as accessing the original trauma where decisions and beliefs were initiated.  When held in a space of love and compassion, the mind can rest and allow the Higher Self to provide the insight needed to unlock old trauma.  

     HCT can also access and heal ancestral patterns that have been perpetuated through the family lineage.  The Heart will orchestrate healing for everyone involved in and affected by the trauma.  Through compassion, forgiveness and love, true and complete healing can be realized.  This therapy often organically unfolds during an acupuncture, CST, SER or Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) session.  


​Heart Centered Therapy